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maineJoin us at the 2016 Maine Food Network Gathering, Friday, December 2, hosted by Maine Food Strategy and many partners. We'll be speaking about the power of networks and the exciting momentum around LocalCatch.org. Overall, this gathering will help us explore solutions and dive deeper into how Maine’s whole food system can be strengthened through workforce development, public policy, fisheries diversification and consumer education. Click to learn more. 

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Fisherwoman wearing sunglasses, t-shirt, and Grundens overalls gives a thumbs up on a small boat on a sunny day. Four people behind her talk and drive the boat.Our Organizer Shira's blog post "'We Don't Need the Rest' A Lesson in Not Taking More Than the Ocean Can Give" shares a glimpse into our Board President Shannon Eldredge's work as a weir fishermen along with her partner Russell Kingman and her father Ernie Eldredge.

Recent Newsletters

  • Hear why our work is more relevant than ever and necessary to effectively heal the divides exposed by the 2016 election. We celebrate the demise of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and congratulate the fishermen, farmers, ranchers, farmworkers, fishworkers and rural communities for their diligent work for many years to protect our communities from trade agreements written by corporate insiders seeking only corporate profits.

  • Our latest newsletter takes you deeper into why we believe racial inequities and injustice laid the foundation for marginalization of fishing communities, bad neo-liberal policies, and the decline of the ocean.

  • Seafood Throwdowns are fun, tasty and exciting. Beyond the cooking competition excitement they're also a way for fishermen to share their stories and expose the corporate takeover of our ocean commons. Read Brett's story of why we throw down, about our upcoming trip CommonBound, the Good Food Awards and more!