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SFT posterFrom 4:00 to 5:30pm enjoy a Thursday afternoon at Stage Fort Park and join us for a Blockbuster Seafood Throwdown, celebrating Cape Ann Farmers Market's 10th Birthday!  Come to this wonderful park and feel the growing spirit of all things local. Let our local Chef prepare the Mystery Fish and take over your senses and help us create a demand for this under-loved, under-utilized species that is so delicious you will be asking for more. Come see Chef Eric Lorden of Passports create an amazing dish for the judges pallet!       

Hope to see you there...



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Dawn TuckerOur new blog is from fishing family member Dawn Tucker, "Being tapped in as fishermen and families, aligning around shared values, and connecting to the above organizations, I see great things are coming down the pike. Again, strength in numbers!"

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  • CommonBound brings unlikely allied food producers together around new food economies. Plus the Official Release of the Local Catch Core Values, Seafood Throwdowns from Cape Ann to the Bronx's Garden of Happiness, and the New Bedford Scandal Deepens.

  • Seafood Throwdowns are fun, tasty and exciting. Beyond the cooking competition excitement they're also a way for fishermen to share their stories and expose the corporate takeover of our ocean commons. Read Brett's story of why we throw down, about our upcoming trip CommonBound, the Good Food Awards and more!

  • At a time when success is measured by who can work at the speed of light regardless of the outcomes, we will continue to work at the speed of trust because we believe it's the only way to get the outcomes we seek for the long haul.