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Hayley Jane and the Primates Fundraiser for NAMAHayley Jane and the Primates - Boston's award-winning Americana/Soul/Rock & Roll band - make their Beverly debut to benefit NAMA.
Local rising star Quentin Callewaert opens.
"Jane's dynamic vocals have a delicacy that touches the heart and also a raw power that can drive one into a frenzy" 
- LiveForMusic.com 

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Food Sleuth Radio Interview with Niaz Dorry
 On this show, we discuss the paths toward a new food future--an alternative to our current exploitive industrial food system. Join Food Sleuth Radio host and Registered Dietitian, Melinda Hemmelgarn, for her interview with Niaz Dorry, Coordinating Director of the Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance, and Executive Director of the National Family Farm Coalition. Dorry shares highlights from her “America the Bountiful” national tour where she witnessed the interdependence between eaters and farming and fishing communities. She discusses common challenges facing all food producers, plus solutions and reasons for hope in rebuilding truly sustainable regional food systems, based in justice and equity.

Recent Newsletters

  • Most of us see Thanksgiving as a time to express our thanks to each other and to the food before us, but its roots paints a much different image. How do we meld the tragic history of Thanksgiving with our current appreciation for each other and the food we've brought to the table?

  • This newsletter highlights the fun ending of our 2018 summer season. Thanks to Farm Aid we were able to host an amazing fishing community tour that drew parallels between the shared goals and struggles of family farmers and fishermen; we had a beautiful visit with folks from Brazil's Movement of Small Scale Fishers; with allies we helped launch a webinar to collectively respond to the Sea to Table AP story that broke in June; we worked toward the establishment of new grassroots collectives at the US Food Sovereignty Alliance gathering in Washington; helped launch the Real Meals campaign to shift massive purchasing dollars away from extractive industrial fishing toward community-based systems; connected food system movers and shakers to community-based fishermen at the Food Solutions New England network team gathering; highlighted the key issues and hopes that we heard on the America the Bountiful tour at the NESAWG Conference in Philadelphia; and spoke about the overlap of values-based seafood and "land food" at the Farm and Food Leadership Conference in Texas (not to mention some amazing Seafood Throwdowns!). Phew! What a great way to close out the summer!

  • Love, worth, hope and possibilities are the major themes of this newsletter. The cross-country listening tour has taught us so much about the inherent shared experiences of farmers and fishermen. Read Niaz's powerful update letter to get a sense of these common themes.