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2016 CSF SummitJoin community leaders and representatives from across North America to collaborate, connect and create a network that is committed to supporting social, ecological, and economic sustainability by way of CSFs and other values-based local and direct seafood marketing strategies.

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What are your Top Ten Revol-Oceanary Moments of 2015?

Check out our Community Organizer Shira Tiffany's blog post on her top ten moments.

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  • Many of the gatherings we forced our way into starting back in 2008 have helped us change conversations, strategic directions, economic health of the fishermen, and expand our power at the political table. It's really very very cool to look at the many upcoming 2016 Summits where our partners are deeply engaged in relationships, strategies and projects. Read more...

  • Year in Review NewsletterOur Coordinating Director Niaz Dorry celebrates our movement's growth and successes of 2015. We look forward to more in 2016! Read more...

  • Our community organizer Brett Tolley shares a few of NAMA's recent light-shining moments including a national top-21 recognition, #GivingTuesday, and several wins from out network partners. Read more...