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fishingFilm Screening and Discussion:

What are the risks from genetically engineered fish to the people and environments of the Pacific Northwest?

CAGJ tackled this question head-on with their short film Salmon People. Now Town Hall joins forces with CAGJ to screen this powerful new film and call together a panel of indigenous and advocacy perspectives—all key activists working on Northwest Native food security and justice in the Pacific Northwest. Sit in to hear from the voices across the Pacific Northwest who are speaking out about the risks of genetically engineered fish.   


NAMA Joins Real Meals Campaign

Real Meals CampaignThe Real Meals Campaign is calling for change among the three largest food service management companies, Aramark, Sodexo, and Compass Group.

For seafood, we are calling for five percent of seafood at each of the three companies to be sourced from owner-operated boats and for all production, processing, and distribution to be within a 500-mile radius of the institution in which it is being consumed. While this is an imperfect calculation for supporting community-based fishermen, we’re hopeful it will bring us closer to the kind of food system that fishermen and marine ecosystems need to survive and thrive.  Learn more here.

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  • We often hear that we need aquaculture to feed the growing world population and to take pressure off wild ecosystems. We don't buy it.

    Although we see the value of some aquaculture operations - namely scale-appropriate shellfish farming - we oppose industrial aquaculture and fish farming for many of the same reasons that we challenge factory-scale food production in general. We especially challenge the notion that factory animal farming on land or at sea is an ethical or even necessary approach to food production.

  • This month is one for reflection. Yes, we're beginning a new year and while there is much to share, we felt compelled to start by offering a small tribute to those close to our network who recently lost their lives in what we know is one of the deadliest industries out there. . . 

    Read the full newsletter here.

  • Most of us see Thanksgiving as a time to express our thanks to each other and to the food before us, but its roots paints a much different image. How do we meld the tragic history of Thanksgiving with our current appreciation for each other and the food we've brought to the table?