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Hope to see you in Western Mass at the workshop Values Matter: Institutionalizing Good Food Purchasing. NAMA's Brett Tolley will be joining our friends at Real Food Challenge along with fishermen and farmers to discuss the values guiding the farm & sea to school movement. Click here to read more about the conference.


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Farm Aid 2016Not to be outdone by Rolling Stone and Billboard, in her blog NAMA's Coordinating Director Niaz Dorry writes up her "Top 10 Reasons Why We Keep Going to Farm Aid."

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  • Our latest newsletter takes you deeper into why we believe racial inequities and injustice laid the foundation for marginalization of fishing communities, bad neo-liberal policies, and the decline of the ocean.

  • Seafood Throwdowns are fun, tasty and exciting. Beyond the cooking competition excitement they're also a way for fishermen to share their stories and expose the corporate takeover of our ocean commons. Read Brett's story of why we throw down, about our upcoming trip CommonBound, the Good Food Awards and more!

  • At a time when success is measured by who can work at the speed of light regardless of the outcomes, we will continue to work at the speed of trust because we believe it's the only way to get the outcomes we seek for the long haul.