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Seafood Summit LogoNY Sea Grant in collaboration with industry, academic, and other professional seafood stakeholders would like to invite you to participate in an “NY Seafood Summit.” The goal of the summit will be to convene a group of enthusiastic professionals with vested interest in seafood, in order to build active communications between the various sectors of the NY Seafood Industry. At the summit, we plan to discuss a variety of relevant topics surrounding seafood in NY State and identify specific focus areas, which the group can target to achieve the mutually beneficial goals of promoting and protecting the seafood and seafood resources throughout NY State.

Register here by February 12th. 

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Peter Periera Photo for Southeast TodayNOAA's policies allowing unbridled consolidation of the fishing industry led to the excessive power the Codfather held. Will NOAA do the right thing when it comes to sanctions about Carlos Rafael? NAMA's Coordinating Director Niaz Dorry gets into this story in her recent blog "NOAA vs. The Codfather."

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  • Read about NAMA going to this year's World Forum of Fisher People's General Assembly in India, the US Food Sovereignty Prize, Codfather sentencing, testimony to US congress for the Fish Bill, and more.