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NAMA Joins Real Meals Campaign

Real Meals CampaignThe Real Meals Campaign is calling for change among the three largest food service management companies, Aramark, Sodexo, and Compass Group.

For seafood, we are calling for five percent of seafood at each of the three companies to be sourced from owner-operated boats and for all production, processing, and distribution to be within a 500-mile radius of the institution in which it is being consumed. While this is an imperfect calculation for supporting community-based fishermen, we’re hopeful it will bring us closer to the kind of food system that fishermen and marine ecosystems need to survive and thrive.  Learn more here.

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  • For NAMA, this is the year that we are formally changing our name to the North American Marine Alliance. This has been a long time coming. Our work has stretched the boundaries of our founding regional affiliation and now allows us to demonstrate the breadth and depth of our recent work. Read the full newsletter here