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Seafood Throwdown BannerCome to Armory Park and enjoy this quant market filled with all kinds of surprises.  The Mayor will be there to kickoff the market this year along with a Music Bomb from a local marching band.  We will witness together a Seafood Throwdown at its finest...bring a friend and see if can you name the Mystery Fish? Two local chefs; Chef JT from Laughing Gorilla Catering goes head to head with Chef Erica Watson from Baker Street Cafe`, creating amazing dishes for all to taste. So come and learn how to prepare this underloved mystery fish, learn about the fisherman who caught the fish and how you can make a difference by helping to create a demand at your local market for this amazing species.  See You There...



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What stuck out most in Niaz Dorry's head (she's NAMA's coordinating director) from our recent board and staff retreat is this quote: "Working at the speed of trust." Wondering why? Check out our latest blog.

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