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RTBforKOCome celebrate Kathy Ozer's life and legacy. Join the us and our co-hosts Farm Aid, Food and Water Watch, Food for Maine’s Future, Gloucester Fishermen’s Wives Association, Rural Coalition, Why Hunger, and World Farmers for an evening of food, music, and friends.

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Marine Stewardship Council red label for avoid Defining ‘Sustainable Seafood’: Is it all about the fish? Check out our freshest blog by Taylor Witkin, Masters student of Marine Affairs at University of Rhode Island, originally posted on his blog SustainFish.com. "I have questioned the benefits of bringing sustainable seafood, as a marketing concept, into the mainstream since local, small-scale fishing fleets usually have lower ecological footprints than industrial fleets, despite ecolabels. Does excluding small-scale fishers from markets because of a marketing tool represent the concept of sustainable seafood?"

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  • We're excited to share that we'll be launching a campaign in 2017 to amplify the shared narratives of family fishermen & farmers. We planted a seed for our plan to bring our story to a wider audience this November at the Blue Mountain Center with the National Family Farm Coalition.

  • Hear why our work is more relevant than ever and necessary to effectively heal the divides exposed by the 2016 election. We celebrate the demise of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and congratulate the fishermen, farmers, ranchers, farmworkers, fishworkers and rural communities for their diligent work for many years to protect our communities from trade agreements written by corporate insiders seeking only corporate profits.

  • Our latest newsletter takes you deeper into why we believe racial inequities and injustice laid the foundation for marginalization of fishing communities, bad neo-liberal policies, and the decline of the ocean.