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Unfortunately we have CANCELLED Sunday's Seafood Throwdown at Common Ground Country Fair - Official. Apologies to all for this last minute change. Our second chef who had graciously offered to participate had to change plans so yesterday and we have not been able to find a replacement chef. On behalf of all of us at NAMA, we send many thanks to our wonderful partners for volunteering to be part of this event in so many ways - going fishing, transporting seafood, cooking, judging and to each of them for committing to travel to Unity, ME. HUGE thank yous to Chef Cassady Pappas from Havana restaurant in Bar Harbor, ME, Pat Shepard of Penobscot East Resource CenterColles Stowell of One Fish Foundation, & Sara Randall.

If you're headed to the Common Ground Country Fair - enjoy! We look forward to seeing you at our last Seafood Throwdown of the season in Rockport, MA on Saturday, October 15th!

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Farm Aid 2016Not to be outdone by Rolling Stone and Billboard, in her blog NAMA's Coordinating Director Niaz Dorry writes up her "Top 10 Reasons Why We Keep Going to Farm Aid."

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