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It's a Seafood Throwdown like you’ve never experienced before! Come and get a close up of your local chefs in action. Executive Chef Kevin Conner of Community Servings in Jamaica Plains will go head to head with Chef Amanda Parks Co-Founder and Fisherman of the NE Fishmongers, both creating dishes that will tantalize your senses.  The Chefs have 1 hour to cook up the Guest of Honor, "The Mystery Fish" and pair it with produce from the festival!  What is the Mystery Fish?  Nobody knows until it is unveiled; what we do know about the Mystery Fish is that it is delicious and so plentiful in our New England shores, but unknown to most markets. So come on down and have a taste and help us spread the word and create a demand for this underutilized species so we can enjoy it in our own neighborhood markets!

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UN  PicNAMA was recently invited to speak at the United Nations Ocean Conference to discuss the intersection of ocean and food systems. Read our latest blog from Brett Tolley about his experience at the UN. 

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