For media inquiries, please contact:

Brett Tolley, Community Organizer & Policy Advocate - brett (at) namanet (dot) org 718-570-2377

Here's how you can reach other NAMA staff:

  • Niaz Dorry, Coordinating Director - niaz (at) namanet (dot) org 978-281-6934, extension 1
  • Shira Tiffany, Community Organizer - shira (at) namanet (dot) org 302-388-8986
  • Boyce Thorne Miller, Science & Policy Advisor - boyce (at) namanet (dot) org 301-972-7028
  • Cynthia Bush, Finance Coordinator & Program Associate - cynthia (at) namanet (dot) org 978-281-6934, extension 2

Our mailing address is P.O. Box 7066, Gloucester, MA 01930

If you're not sure who you need to reach, please send an email to info (at) namanet (dot) org