Leominster, MA

MA Farm & Sea


Hope to see you in Western Mass at the workshop Values Matter: Institutionalizing Good Food Purchasing. NAMA's Brett Tolley will be joining our friends at Real Food Challenge along with fishermen and farmers to discuss the values guiding the farm & sea to school movement. Click here to read more about the conference.

When we think about the farm & sea to school movement a new set of values come to mind. What exactly are these values? How are they different from the old system? And when rubber meets the road, how do we ensure these values stay in tact? Without a more thorough examination of our core values we risk creating a new system with the same foundation as the old system.

This workshop will explore a values-based approach toward institutionalizing how food moves from farm & sea to school. Hear directly from those with boots on decks and hands-in-the-soil about new ideas and practical ways that institutions can dive deeper around purchasing decisions that truly reflect their values. Room: Beethoven

Hartford, CT

Join us at this year's Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Working Group for the Fisheries, Food, and Health: Finding Common Ground Across Domains of the Food System discussion featuring Dave Love, Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future; Elvis Mendez, National Guestworker Alliance; Julius Kolawole of African Alliance of Rhode Island; and our own Brett Tolley and moderated by Patricia Pinto Da Silva, NOAA;  Jillian Fry, Center for a Livable Future.

Here is the topic description:

Fish, shellfish, and aquatic plants (seafood) are an integral part of human economies, societies, cultures, and health. The US national dietary recommendations call for increasing seafood consumption, yet questions remain about whether a significant increase can be achieved while improving equitability and sustainability. These complex and interrelated sets of challenges in the seafood sector serve as a jumping-off point for this session about the intersection of fisheries, health, and food systems. Wrestling with these issues will help clarify opportunities for Northeast seafood businesses, civil society, and governments as they relate to a sustainable food system.