Washington Street at 350 Talbot Ave., Dorchester, MA

SFT posterCome and join NAMA and the Codman Square community for a Saturday afternoon delight!  A friendly cooking competition between Chef Adam Wimes of The South End Buttery goes against our own Niaz Dorry the Coordinating Director and an amazing home cook, in a knife to knife race against time.  It goes like this:  A guest of honor arrives (the Mystery Fish); they are introduced, and then are given $25 and 15 minutes to shop at the farmers market for local produce.  Once back under their tent the timer starts. They have 1 hour to prepare, plate, and serve the community panel (known as "the judges").  Then it’s your turn; time to taste. The surprise of how delicious this Mystery Fish is will spark you to take ACTION by letting your local markets know about this underloved, underutilized species, and that it is so plentiful to our local fishermen but there is no demand for this on the shelves. So be part of history and come join us in our work of creating that demand in our markets while helping your local fishermen keep his catch and feed the neighborhood.

See you there…

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12 Dade Street, Roxbury, MA

sftOn July 20th at 5pm come join us at the Haley House Haley HouseCafe for a friendly cooking competition between their chef, Chef Michael Cooley and Future Chef's, Chef  Audley Mills (who is an alum of the Haley House program). You will see these chefs in their finest hour, preparing, amazing dishes for all to taste. While the chefs are tantalizing your senses you will get a play by play of all the action from Nina La Negra Cofounder of "Art is Life Itself", giving you an interactive insightful experience.  This Seafood Throwdown will be judged by a panel of community members. The judges are:  Kathryn Saunders from Roxbury YMCA, Cheryl Straughter from Future Chefs/Keith's Place, Alan Gentile from Roxbury Office of Financial Empowerment and Kathy Kottaridis of Historic Boston Inc.

Of course the main character in this event is the MYSTERY FISH, an underloved, underutilized species that roams our ocean, is plentiful  and so delicious that you will be asking for more ...Once you have tasted this mouth watering species, you can help create a demand in your local market by telling them about your desire to make it available for your community.  This events mystery fish is donated by Red's Best, located on the Boston Fish Pier, and to compliment the chefs dish they use freshreds best local produce from Higher Ground Rooftop Farm.higher ground

See you there!                                                        


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Buffalo State University, Buffalo, NY
CommonBound 2016

CommonBound 2016 will bring together a powerful cross-section of the New Economy movement to share practices and stories; highlight achievements; and create new and stronger relationships that can propel this work forward. The organizers anticipate that this CommonBound will be the biggest and most significant conference to date—and we hope you'll be there to experience it with us because we'll be there hosting a track on food justice.Speaker at CommonBound

South End, Boston, MA-Benjamin Franklin Institute of Tehnology, 41 Berkeley St, Bostons South End.

Boston JerkfestWere getting ready to fire up our taste buds with this amazing event!  The chefs are Chef Mills (last years champion) and Chef Marie-Claude Mendy of Teranga Restaurant ready to bring it on creating hot and spicy jerk seafood for you to taste.  Capturing this experience is Emcee Rose Arruda of MA Department of Urban Agriculture, she will be giving you a play by play of all the hot smokin action from the chefs!  Also front row will be the judges panel, tasting ever so carefully and judging the chefs dishes in 4 categories...Taste, Originality, Presentation and Use of the Whole Animal.  So come down and see how your taste buds fare with this amazing pallet a fresh local Mystery Fish, combined with fresh local produce, you can't go wrong, very healthy, very hot, and very very local...

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Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn, NY

SFT posterCome to Brooklyn with us and enjoy an afternoon with our host GrowNYGrowNYC C in another Seafood Throwdown, showdown!  This takes place in wonderful market at the Grand Army Greenmarkets Plaza at Flatbush Ave & Prospect Park West in Brooklyn.  Chef Neel Patil of The Pines in Gowanus, Brooklyn, goes head to head against...keep you guessing, details of the 2nd chef coming soon!  Come meet the judges; Cathy Erway of Heritage Radio, Kevin Bay of Blue Moon Fish fishmonger and one more; guess who it will be?  To top it off from start to finish the Emcee who is a chef herself; Chef Emily Peterson of Sharp & Hot will be giving you a play by play of all the action.  But wait we have one more player "The Mystery Fish"  what is it, we don't know until the fishermen brings this species to meet the chefs? What we do know is its underloved, underutilized and very very plentiful and so tasty that you will be going to your local markets asking for more.  And thats the idea of these throwdowns, to find a home for the Mystery Fish giving you more options in your local markets, while helping the fishermen  get a fair price for these species that are so abundant...So please come and help your community create a demand for the....Mystery Fish!

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Housatonic Community College, Bridgeport, CT

The 6th New England Food Summit will bring together delegates from across New England to strengthen collaboration for regional food system sustainability. These working summits are designed to build upon ongoing efforts across the region to build a more sustainable food system, and to consider regional priorities and action items that we can undertake most effectively together.

NAMA Coordinating Director Niaz Dorry takes a selfie at the 5th New England Food Summit


Madison, WI

Save the date for the 8th National Farm to Cafeteria Conference, a biennial event hosted by the National Farm to School Network that will convene more than 1,500 diverse stakeholders working to source local food for institutional cafeterias and foster a culture of food and agricultural literacy across America.

Cafeterias in schools and early care, colleges and universities, hospitals and other institutional settings serve tens of millions of Americans every day, placing the farm to cafeteria movement at the forefront of the fight to end obesity and strengthen local food systems. The 2016 conference theme Moving Forward Together lifts up new and innovative partnerships to continue to build momentum and ensure long-term sustainability in the movement.

8th National Farm to Cafeteria Conference


Dexter Training Grounds, Parade St. at Hudson St., Providence, RI

Seafood Throwdown BannerCome to Armory Park and enjoy this quant market filled with all kinds of surFarmFresh RIprises. Witness our Seafood Throwdown at its finest...bring a friend and see if can you name the Mystery Fish? Two local chefs; Chef JT from Laughing Gorilla Catering goes head to head with Chef Erica Watson from Baker Street Cafe`, creating amazing dishes for all to taste. This friendly cooking competition will be judged by Jim Nellis from RI Food Fights, Adeline Newbold from Sankofa World Market-West Elmwood Housing and an Edible Rhody representative. See which dish they like and then  taste and decide for yourself which dish you like best!  Throughout the whole event you will be given a play by play from Patricia of Farm Fresh RI. So come and learn how to prepare this underloved mystery fish, learn about the fisherman who caught the fish and how you can make a difference by helping to create a demand at your local market for this amazing species.  

See you there!


Rhode Island Convention Center 1 Sabin St, Providence, RI 02903

RootSkills 2016Join us and the New England Grassroots Environment Fund on Saturday May 7th for this one-of-a-kind retreat featuring keynote speaker Leah Penniman of Soul Fire Farm. Leah will join us for a passionate and reflective conversation about the work of Soul Fire Farm and the Black farming community to advance food sovereignty. Following Leah’s keynote, we will break into three interactive workshops tracks (check them out!). We will end the day connecting to the land and our fellow RootSkills participants at Galego Community Farm.

For those groups who are part of our networks at NAMA, the workshop ‘When You Know Who You Are, You Will Know What to Do’, lead by Jay O’Hara and Marla Marcum of the Climate Disobedience Center would be a great fit. This event is open to all, but space is limited.

And as an added bonus, on Friday evening we invite you to PEP Talks LIVE: Grassroots Perspectives on Reimagining Equity and Access to hear from Leah Penniman of Soul Fire Farm and Jay O’Hara of the Climate Disobedience Center.  Enjoy this exclusive opportunity to hear their reflections on the role of personal discovery and transformation in grassroots action. We hope to see you there! 

Kitchen at the Boston Public Market, 100 Hanover Street, Boston, MA 02108

Seafood Throwdown BannerLocal chefs battle it out to prepare the “Best Seafood Dish” using a mystery item sourced from Boston Public Market vendor Red’s Best, while their local food stylist counterparts square off to artfully plate it up. Come sample each dish and weigh in on the best presentation and the use of the whole animal.

Come to the Kitchen at the Boston Public Market and join us in this event and get a first hand look of that Mystery Fish and savor the flavors these amazing chefs are creating from that unloved species, so abundant but unknown. 

See you there...