Expanding the Movement

We continuously work to expand the base of support for the policy and market transformations we seek. We strengthen our Fish Locally Collaborative (FLC) collaborators and ally networks by building relationships with individuals and organizations who share our values and vision.

Ally Networks and Organizations

NAMA shares leadership and collaborative roles in several networks including the National Family Farm Coalition, Sustainable Business Network, the US Food Sovereignty Alliance, On the Commons, Rural Climate Network, Slow Food and Slow Fish, the New Economy Coalition, Food Solutions New England, LocalCatch.org, Farm to Institution, NE Food Knowledge Ecosystem, American Sustainable Business Council, World Forum of Fisher Peoples, Real Food Challenge, Health Care Without Harm, National Farm to School Network, and more.


We recognize that many people involved in community-based fishing, marine conservation efforts, and seafood activism, are not affiliated with any organization or network. Often times these are the same folks who have been most marginalized by unjust policy and seafood markets. Because we feel these relationships are critical, NAMA is committed toward community organizing and relationship building at the grassroots level in order to strengthen the FLC network and provide a source of power and strength to those who need it most.

Fish Camp
Fish Camp with the Real Food Challenge bringing together local fishermen, fish processing plant workers, students, and fish buyers.