*under construction to reflect our 2016 Strategic Planning process -- please excuse this page*

Join us in the revol-ocean and raise your voice for healthier marine ecosystems and social, environmental, economic, and food system justice for communities who depend on fisheries for their livelihoods and those who eat seafood.

Our networks are constantly creating opportunities to get involved and take action. Keep your eyes on our home page and Facebook page and for short term actions. You can get involved in two general areas:

  • Policy Transformation: Get hooked into the various regional, national, and international policy actions happening throughout the Fish Locally Collaborative and our ally networks.
  • Market Transformation: Get involved and learn about the wave of innovation charting a new course away from the failed industrialized seafood system and toward a just, fair, and ecologically responsible seafood system that embraces quadruple-bottom line values: social, ecological, economic, and food access.