Our Board of Trustees

Executive Committee

  • Shannon Eldredge, President
  • Madeleine Hall-Arbor, Vice President

  • Jamey Lionette, Treasurer

  • Amanda Beal, Clerk

Amanda Beal

Amanda BealAmanda has 12 years experience serving on boards, including terms as President of the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association and President of Cultivating Community. A graduate of Tufts University’s Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy Agriculture, Food and Environment program, she participates in the Eat Local Foods Coalition of Maine, working on a project that explores the synergies between farmers and fishermen. Issues of industry consolidation and corporate control, the interconnected nature of watersheds and agricultural activities, and their environmental implications on wild fisheries are important to her. She has co-authored articles focused on resource and food security and relevance to farmers and fishermen. She's currently the Policy and Research Fellow at Maine Farmland Trust.

Paul BogartPaul Bogart

Paul is the national program officer for Health Care Without Harm. He's worked for decades alongside many talented people in organized labor, indigenous rights, and the environmental movement. His experience with organizations big and small at both a staff and management level will bring a wealth of knowledge and passion to NAMA.

Niaz DorryNiaz Dorry

A long time advocate for community and ecosystem based fisheries management, clean manufacturing and production processes, and environmental justice Niaz became NAMA's new coordinating director in March 2008. To read more about Niaz and her work, please visit Our Staff page.

Shannon EldredgeShannon Eldredge

Shannon has been a shellfish harvester on Monomoy Island, Chatham, MA and weir fisherman in Nantucket Sound. She and her family have been involved in environmentally sustainable fishing practices since 1953, and have facilitated educational and scientific programs with a variety of institutions including SMAST and the New England Aquarium. She serves on the Board of Directors of Women of Fishing Families; is the co-proprietor of the Cape Cod Community Supported Fishery; and worked in communications relations for the Red Tide Disaster Relief Team – all organizations in Chatham, MA. She is the full‐time fisherman, and studied Early American History with concentration on Women in Maritime Communities at the College of William and Mary’s graduate program. 

Louis FrattarelliLouis Frattarelli

Louis is a full-time commercial fisherman out of Bristol, RI, and has been an owner-operator of a small vessel since 1988. He is the co-founder and current president of Bristol’s first ever fisherman’s co-op, the Narragansett Bay Seafood Coop.

Madeleine Hall-Arber

Madeleine, who is a marine anthropologist in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sea Grant College Program, has over 25 years of experience working with fishermen in New England. Her research and publications focus on the impacts (and potential mitigation of negative impacts) of regulatory change on fishing communities. She works closely with fishing industry representatives on collaborative research projects, and is investigating the potential for ecosystem-based management to incorporate local ecological knowledge. Her academic degrees are from the University of California, Berkeley and Brandeis University.

Jason JarvisJason Jarvis

Jason is a commercial fishermen from Rhode Island, and has been fishing pretty much his entire life. He brings to us his unique perspective on the fishing industry from 30+ years experience on the water fishing on all kinds of boats - gillnetting, hooking, trawling, clamming... you name it... both in charter and commercial fisheries. And, he's the lead singer of Hope Road, a Bob Marley tribute band. 

Jamey LionetteJamey Lionette

Jamey is an organizer and advocate for local foods and whole animal utilzation and responsible butchering.  He has been a primary organizer of the Boston Local Food Festival for the past two years. He is the administrator for City Growers, which is an organization that converts urban wasteland into farmland that serves local markets. He is a public speaker at numerous events on local and sustainable foods and has published articles and book chapters on the subject.  His work includes connections with seafood buyers and opportunities to incorporate seafood into local food discussions.  He also serves on the board of 5 Rights Inc., a Human Rights group.

Karen Masterson Karen Masterson

Karen is owner and operator of Johnny's Luncheonette in Newton, MA. She formerly owned and operated Nourish Restaurant in Lexington, MA, and the Big Fresh Café in Framingham, MA. She works with local farmers and fishermen and other small regional businesses to provide responsibly sourced food at respectful prices. This provides opportunities to teach about the importance of our local fishery.  She is a founding member of RIA House, a local non-profit working to raise awareness about sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation in our region. She has served on the boards of Green America (formerly Coop America), Natick Community Organic Farm, and Sustainable Business Network of Greater Boston.

Neil SavageNeil Savage

Neil is a member of the New Hampshire Marine Coalition and is Board President for the Aquaculture Education and Research Center. As an adjunct faculty member, he teaches environmental science at Southern NH University and advises a Girl Scout marine science interest group.

Ed Snell Ed Snell

Ed is a commercial and recreational fisherman. He has worked for several years on a sports fishing charter boat targeting groundfish and currently runs the Rita B. Offshore Fishing where he takes the public fishing. He owns a small groundfish fishing boat in the Northeast Coastal Communities Sector and is working to develop a market for sustainably caught groundfish in Southern Maine. He comes from a small family-farmer that markets through CSAs background and continues the tradition as a fisherman who plans to market through CSFs in pursuit of economic sustainability for small commercial fishing boats. His boat is a tool for gaining publicity to promote the interests of small time hook fishermen.