To facilitate the transformations we seek, we often have to communicate with policy makers. Although sometimes we go solo, our goal is to join others who share our vision for the future of our oceans. Here are a collection of letters that lay out positions taken by NAMA and/or our projects on various issues from fisheries to persistent pollutants to climate change.

From time to time, we'll also upload supporting documents here that are not necessarily NAMA's.

Comments on the New England fisheries decision-making process. Recent events have shown us how a defunct democratic process has made it easy for adopting fisheries management plans that are privatizing, consolidating, and corporatizing our public resource. This is deeply concerning and we recommend steps toward an immediate course correction.

Comments on the seven-year Fleet Diversity amendment process, also known as Amendment 18. The Amendment goals were to fix the problems associated with New England's Catch Share policy for managing groundfish. Instead of fixing, New England decision-makers ignored the vast majority of fishermen and the public who weighed-in as well as ignored their responsibility to protect the fish and the fishermen. The result was an amendment that maintains the status quo.  

National and regional organizations, fishermen, scientists and others sign onto letter asking for critical changes to the Magnsuon-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act, or the Fish Bill. Changes include:

  • Incorporating safeguards to ensure diverse fishing fleets and fisheries operations that demonstrate the greatest benefit to the nation.
  • Addressing the impacts of non-fishing activities on the health of the marine ecosystem and fisheries.
  • Recognition of fisheries as part of our food system.
  • Transparency and accountability along the fisheries and marine policy making chains.

NAMA's comments on the proposed 2013-2015 quota cuts to critical groundfish stocks and the urgent need for safeguards to protect both the fish and the fishermen.

See our comments for the Fleet Diversity Amendment 18 submitted as part of a public scoping period. 

The New England Fisheries Management Council released the dates of the public scoping hearings to seek public's comment on the Fleet Diversity Amendment 18. Please get in touch with NAMA staff if you have any questions about participating in this process. YOUR VOICE IS IMPORTANT and should be heard.

According to the annoucnement, SCOPING DATES AND LOCATIONS are:

  • Jan 17: Ellsworth, ME
  • Jan 18: Portland, ME
  • Jan 20: Fairhaven, MA
  • Jan 20: Kingstown, RI
  • Jan 23: Riverhead, NY
  • Jan 24: Manahawkin, NJ
  • Jan 26: Hyannis, MA
  • Jan 26: Plymouth, MA
  • Jan 30: Gloucester, MA
  • Jan 31: Portsmouth, NH
To change fisheries regulations, we have to first start with an amendment to the fishery management plan. If no fishery management plan exists, then the request to the appropriate council is to create a plan to start with. In the case of the Fleet Diversity Amendment, it'll be an amendment to the New England Multi-Species Fishery, which includes almost all the groundfish species like cod, haddock, red fish, variety of flounders, pollock, etc. Amendment 18, the Fleet Diversity Amendment, will start with a scoping process seeking public input. This document is the scoping document on which the public should comment. Comments can be in writing or, even better, in person at upcoming scoping hearings (dates yet to be announced). Please get in touch with NAMA staff if you have any questions about this process.