See what's been happening in the Fish Locally Collaborative in 2017! This document features all kinds of stories - of collaboration, connection, worthy of congratulations, and some of the major news coming out of the FLC in 2017. This document also contains some information regarding what's next for the FLC. And we round it out with some upcoming events and job opportunities. 


The Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act is now under congressional revision. We refer to this act as the Fish Bill because of its central purpose to protect fish in a manner that ensures the “greatest overall benefit to the nation.” This Policy Brief outlines key evidence and recommendations for members of Congress to utilize throughout this Fish Bill reauthorization in order to preserve marine environments, protect fishing communities, and improve our seafood supply chain.

Created by the NMFS Northeast Science Center

Created by the New England Fishery Management Staff in March 2011.