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The Local Seafood Summit is a practitioner-centric event. It is for small- and mid-scale seafood harvesters and businesses who are interested in sharing experiential knowledge, learning strategies that make community supported fisheries and direct-marketing businesses successful, and collaborating to build a trustworthy, low-impact, domestic seafood supply system. The summit provides an opportunity for those interested in direct-marketing to learn from established businesses and connect directly with other resources in a network that supports good, clean, fair seafood. Find more info and register here! 

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  • The power of the network is ever-present and incredibly visible this month – more than 9 million folks recently spoke out against industrial aquaculture AND an industrial fish farm was defeated in Frenchman Bay! See more details in the full newsletter. As we close out the month, we’re riding this wave of momentum and savoring this fresh breath of energy. We’ve got plenty of engagement opportunities, network news, and funding reminders below, so be sure to check them all out.

  • If you haven’t already, please register for the FSNE 21-Day Racial Equity Habit Building Challenge. The Challenge has become an integral part of NAMA’s commitment to racial equity. Fisheries policies are rife with inequities that in many ways are rooted in a cultural history of racial inequities. These historical roots link communities around the world resulting in inequitable access to healthy, clean, fair food choices. It’s not a comfortable conversation, but I’m inviting you to lean into discomfort so that we can begin to transform our food systems by talking about and addressing instances of overt, covert, and systemic racism that exist throughout our land and sea-based food systems. 

    Plus, a National Seafood Council is taking shape, but whose interests will it serve?

    Registration for the Local Catch Network Seafood Summit is open, there are plenty of event recordings to catch up on, and several funding opportunities right around the corner. 

  • There's a lot going on this month, but first, let's talk about racial equity and fisheries. 

    "The similarities of systemic abuse for fishermen and people of color are staggering. I personally experienced the gestapo like tactics of the office of law enforcement. I will never forget being in fear for my life and my brother’s life as we were asked to step off of a vessel by federal enforcement officers. We were questioned while these men had unsnapped their side arms and kept their hands on them. All of this for a preconceived perception of guilt. We are talking about fish harvesters. No fish harvester or person of color should be subject to such blatant systemic abuse."

    Plus, webinars, exciting network happenings, and important Save the Dates for in-person gatherings!