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  • As we inch our way closer to the opening of scallop season on December 1st here in New England and many are diving into the harvest season, things here at NAMA have been bustling. There’s been an upwelling of momentum from the People’s Kitchen Counter-Mobilization to Farm Aid 2021 and so much more. 

    Last month, Niaz reminded us all to find joy, and this month, I’d like to remind us all to take pause. When times are busy like this, taking a small pause here and there allows us to celebrate the accomplishments and start envisioning where this momentum will carry us. 

  • "But where do we find joy?

    A few years ago as a friend and I were walking our dogs in the woods, she said watching dogs run and play brings her joy. I hadn’t really thought about the concept of joy that way and how even a little bit of it can lift our spirits for quite a while.

    I’m sure I’m not alone in this quest for joy these days so I can keep fighting for good. If you are reading this, please take a minute and drop me a line about what brings you joy. Is it a song, a prayer, a meal, or a place? Is it dogs playing??? I’d love to know and share with our broader community if you’ll give me permission. "

    Plus, frankenfish hits the market! Restaurants are NOT required to label GE salmon, so check out the full newsletter to find out which restaurants are serving frankenfish. 

  • The momentum behind Block Corporate Salmon is growing, MFAC nominations are open, and your donations are being doubled! 

    Here are a few ways you can help #BlockCorporateSalmon 

    --> Sign on to the petition

    --> Post on social media opposing the GE Salmon! Be sure to tag @aquabounty and @samuelsseafood and call them out for what they’re doing

    --> For chef’s, here specifically is a pledge to not use GE salmon

    --> Follow our social media page!

    --> And generally, tell everyone around you about all the harm and damage that could come were GE animals allowed into the market

    --> Read more about it here: uprootedandrising.org/blockcorporatesalmon