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  • We need hope during these times. We need community. And we need a pandemic of positive change. Changing how we feed ourselves is a good place to focus because the COVID-19 pandemic has surfaced the long standing cracks in a flawed food system. For over 25 years, we have made it our mission to advocate for changes that can build a better world by supporting community-based fishermen and visualizing a different seafood system. To do that, we must demand the changes that can get us there. To do that, we must demand change. We have to act. 

  • Jason JarvisMeet Jason Jarvis, commercials fisherman from Westerly, Rhode Island and our new board president. Jason writes about his life as a community-based fisherman, how the current system undermines small- and mid-scale fisheries, and how the COVID-19 virus has amplified these short-comings.

  • A crowd of more than 250 people showed up at the hearing, and most were fiercely opposed to the project. People raised concerns about the possible environmental, public health, and economic impacts of the proposed offshore fish farm. Check out our latest newsletter for more details on this action, the status of the Codfather's assets, and more.