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    "As we start into this new year, I want to take a moment to celebrate those who fish and whose work inspires me and our team every day. Thank you for showing us what hope is really all about when you put your gear in the water every day. We are committed to doing what we can to ensure that your kind of fishing operations that put real seafood full of value and nutrition on our tables are the ones that are valued by our society, not the industrialized, globalized, privatized version that pumps unidentified food objects into the global economies of scale."


    In this edition, we cover some highlights of 2021 while looking ahead toward 2022! 


  • Meet our new Digital Organizer, Estefania! 

    I have been organizing for food justice since the day I arrived to this country because I grew up with a deep political context seeing Indigenous movements and food producer led cooperatives and organizations take down ineffective governments. I witnessed young people take the streets and successfully win against free trade agreements, genetically engineered seeds, and rising food and gas costs. I believe that we can win the ocean back. I believe in our organized power to end the injustices in the fishing industry that affect fishing communities everywhere. I believe that a global and intersectional approach will get us there.

    Plus, there's Fish Talk podcasts, Fish Bill updates, a letter delivered to the administration declaring the Gulf is Not for Sale, Don't Cage Our Ocean Coalition updates, network job postings, AND we reveal our new logo! 

  • While Spring is often thought of as a time of revitalization, we’re ahead of the game here at NAMA. This month we’ve brought on several new team members, who will introduce themselves over the next few months. Plus, we’re working on our new Strategic Plan, looking forward to building a fresh new website, and there might even be a new logo coming soon (shh!). AND after being apart throughout COVID, the NAMA team is finally coming together in person, and some of us are meeting for the first time! We’ll be enjoying the chilly air of the Adirondacks for a few days while focusing on Rebooting the Revolocean. Catch up on some network happenings, what's happening with the AQUAA Act, and more!