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  • As a NAMA staff and board, for several years we’ve been deepening our commitment to our core values, especially when it comes to ‘dignity for all people’ and our commitment to racial equity. We know that understanding how systems of inequity show up in our fishing communities and our seafood supply chain ultimately start by understanding ourselves. During our recent staff retreat at NAMA, we had a chance to examine the need for racial equity every day. 

    This month there are a couple of opportunities for all of us to deepen our own commitments to these issues:

  • "Ultimately, I believe the problems that non-indigenous, white folks like myself see in our fishing communities today are manifestations of what began when my ancestors arrived 400 years ago. This means that in order to tackle today’s problems in earnest, we must learn from the past and center our solutions around those who’ve been longest impacted by these problems. Otherwise, we’re bound to continue repeating the history with the brunt of the impact shouldered by black, indigenous, and people of color." 

    Check out this month's newsletter to learn how you can honor and uplift indigenous fishing communities. 

  • Our latest newsletter is full of updates about what we've been up to, but the most important message comes from our board president Jason Jarvis: VOTE!