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We’re hyping our community and making strides with Congress

Jennifer Newsletters

As we near the end of summer, we’re stoked to celebrate fishing communities across the nation that have proved their innovation and resiliency during this pandemic. Even though our pleas for Congress to expand the stimulus packages in support of these communities have yet to be fully realized, we’ve made strong strides. Just last week the Senate passed a stimulus bill that designates $500M for fisheries. This is from our hard work and relentless pushing. But it’s not over yet. As we work tirelessly to hold Congress accountable, let’s continue to hype the communities of fishers who have been working from dawn to dusk (and to dawn again) to provide us with healthy seafood. Over the past couple of months, we’ve seen incredible stories uplifted by our networks and during the past couple of weeks, we’ve been spotlighting our own series that gives an inside look at what #FishingDuringCOVID19 has meant for these communities.

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