Public Comments on Endosulfan Registrations

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In light of the severe risks posed by endosulfan and the numerous effective alternatives, over 30 organizations, including NAMA has renewed the call for the EPA to cancel all endosulfan registrations. Approximately 1.38 million pounds of endosulfan are used annually in the United States on a wide variety of crops including cotton, apples, tomatoes, potatoes, and tobacco. Like DDT and other organochlorines, endosulfan bioaccumulates in food chains; contaminates the oceans, food, and drinking water; and poisons children, farmworkers, fish and other wildlife. Endosulfan is so dangerous that it has been banned in over 60 countries, yet it continues to be widely used in the United States to control agricultural pests on a variety of fruit, vegetable and file crops.

Letter to EPA on Endosulfan 6-29-09