Boat to Institution

Boat to Institution

Note: for up-to-date stories that highlight boat-to-institution check out our partners page at Farm to Institution New England. 


We believe that to shift policy to support family fishermen, we need more voices at the policy table. We first approached the health care sector because of their proven track record using their market muscle to shift policy towards environmental sustainability. As we gained momentum within the health care sector we cultivated relationships with students building their power to change their university food purchasing.

Our Boat to Institution work aims to shift institutional purchasing power from industrial commodified seafood to seafood that is traceable to small and medium-scale community-based fishermen. As institutions benefit from shifting their purchasing, we believe in bringing their “market muscle” to the policy table to advocate for the continued existence of small family fishermen and the health of our ocean.


Health Care at the Policy Table









Click to watch Stacia Clinton, Health Care Without Harm, testify at fisheries Council meeting.


University Networks at the Policy Table









          Real Food Challenge students testify at fisheries Council meeting in support of community based fishermen.


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