Boat to school

Boat to School

Note: for up-to-date stories that highlight boat-to-institution check out our partners page at Farm to Institution New England and National Farm to Cafeteria Network.

With the rise in health problems amongst young people especially those with limited means, this is a particularly important venue for local, fresh wholesome food. Our collaboration with National Farm to School Network is leading to programs in K-12 schools that can bring community-based seafood to our youth. Our new dives deeper into the different programs and provides the resources available for schools - such as the Guide to Serving Local Fish in School Cafeterias produced by the Sitka Conservation Society - to shift their purchasing policies and strategies.

Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, California, and Alaska are some of the states leading the way on the fish to school programs. These programs are particularly important venues for local fresh seafood not only to nourish our youth’s bodies but also to connect them to where their seafood comes from and the people who catch it.