Boat to University

Boat to University

Note: for up-to-date stories that highlight boat-to-institution check out our partners page at Farm to Institution New England. 

Bringing ecologically responsible seafood into universities and colleges across the country is an exciting opportunity. We kicked off our collaboration with Real Food Challenge in 2012 and we’ve seen a major shift in a short period of time. In October 2014, we held the first ever Fish Camp, a day long gathering of students, fishermen, and fish workers that catapulted this work further and created fertile ground for fishermen and student collaboration.


Fishermen, students, fish workers, and seafood distributers gather for Fish Camp in order to collaborate around improving the seafood system.

In addition, the Slow Food Youth Network has been organizing Slow Fish Workshops on campuses along the coast of the Northwest Atlantic ocean. Slow Fish Workshops bring local fishermen and their catch to university and college students, teach them how to process the whole fish, and end with a shared meal. But a meal isn’t the only thing that is created during these workshops. Students learn about threats to the ocean and fisheries, opportunities for supporting community based fishermen, strategies for shifting their campus’ purchasing policies, and how to leverage their power to shift policies in the long haul. Do you want to organize a Slow Fish Workshop? Sign up here!