CSF Best Practices

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A. Shareholder-Related Best Practices

  1. Product freshness, variety, and value as measured by shareholder product quality rating.
  2. Delivery convenience (pickup location, day, time, frequency) and flexibility (share options, whole vs. fillets, etc.) as measured by convenience rating.
  3.  Customer service quality, including notification systems, website design and content, and educational events as measured by service and support ratings.
  4. Overall satisfaction as measured by satisfaction, renewal, and referral ratings.

B. Fisherman-Related Best Practices

  1. Direct economic benefit to participating fishermen as measured by the difference between the auction price and what they are paid by the CSF.
  2. Additional economic benefit provided to participating fishermen as measured by the percentage of CSF labor-related expenses paid to local fishing families.
  3. Degree of trust and support developed between fishermen and shareholders, as measured by the popularity of CSF-sponsored fisherman/shareholder events.
  4. Degree to which fishermen are involved in the CSF’s decision making process as measured by their responses to this question in an annual fisherman survey.

C. Marine Ecosystem-Related Best Practices

  1. Use of sustainable fisheries practices, as measured by gear used, species targeted, and conservation procedures followed.
  2. Degree of participation in collaborative research projects designed to assure the sustainability of targeted species and the survival of our fishermen.
  3. Degree of fisherman participation in reporting on predator/prey relationships, environmental hazards, oceanographic conditions, and development impacts.

D. Community-Related Best Practices

  1. Preservation of local commercial fishing jobs and revenues as measured by CSF revenues, expenses, profits, and staffing levels.
  2. Effectiveness of CSF’s promotional and educational activities as measured by community support of commercial fishermen and their regulatory issues.
  3. Degree of CSF operational transparency and shareholder and community governance and board participation, as reported in the CSF’s Annual Report.

E. Internal CSF Best Practices

  1. Effectiveness of the CSF’s marketing program as measured by customer retention and growth rates, favorable press coverage, and community support.
  2. Effectiveness of the CSF’s employee development program as measured by employee retention rates and shareholder service and support ratings.
  3. CSF financial performance as measured by revenues, operating profits, return on invested assets, and cash flow.