Benefits of CSFs

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    • Less stress on the fish and you. Receiving higher prices for your catch by participating in a CSF may allow you to survive even if you are fishing less. As part of the Northeast fisheries, you are strictly regulated to help fish populations swiftly rebuild, but since the costs of fishing constantly increase, only if prices for the catch go up will yours and other fishermen’s businesses be able to continue.
    • Reinforce ties among your fellow fishermen. Working collaboratively on a CSF provides an opportunity for both you and other local fishermen to renew friendships, support each other, and organize for market and policy benefits.
    • Provides hope for your youth that fishing is a career option.  Small businesses create jobs.  The entrepreneurial aspect of participating in a CSF may help create a niche for your children or others in your community, thus ensuring a new generation of fishermen.
    • CSF success helps safeguard your working waterfront.  If CSFs help make more fishermen financially secure, the support infrastructure is more likely to be maintained.
    • Educates consumers about healthy eating. While many consumers are interested in eating both locally and healthily, they often are unfamiliar with their local seafood, the migration patterns of fish, the regulations, fishing as an occupation and way of life, and even the preparation of seafood for meals.  A CSF provides an opportunity for your voices to be heard.
    • More money for less catch.  Consumers are always happy to get a deal.  One way to do that is by selling to them directly.  If you’re getting $0.50 a pound for shrimp at auction and the public is buying that same shrimp for $1.50, wouldn’t both of you be happy at $1.00 a pound?
    • Create public awareness and support for good fishing policies. When people know who catches their food, they are more sensitive to policies that affect fishermen.  The more the public associates the seafood on their tables with the individuals who caught and delivered it, the more willing they are to consider how their buying habits and votes affect the well being of the fishermen and the oceans.  This is why the extra effort to link with your CSF members is likely to be time well spent.
    • Increases foot traffic. A farmers market or locally owned business is often willing to host a CFS pickup because the increase in foot traffic will benefit their sales or just because it’s good for the community.