What Kind and Cut of Seafood will your CSF offer?

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  • Which seafood products? Be specific: shrimp, mussels, fin fish, or a variety, depending on the season. What form will the seafood be in: shell on, head on, gutted or filleted?  If you are planning to include shellfish in the mix, be sure to review health department regulations that may be more stringent.  Potential allergies and religious dietary restrictions may also be considered in your decision.
  • Be careful not to overpromise. The CSF members will not initially understand the constraints of weather, regulations, fish migrations, equipment failures and other factors that can change which species are available. Communication throughout the duration of the season is key.
  • Preparation: If you’re delivering whole fish or shell-on shrimp, you should plan to tell shareholders how to prepare it. During the first few pickups offer filleting or shelling demonstrations.
  • Providing information on storing fresh or frozen seafood may help potential shareholder decide to join. Also send printed information on filleting and shelling. That way shareholders will have something to refer to when confronted with the whole fish on their own kitchen counter. You could include instructions and recipes that use potentially underutilized parts of the fish, like the cheeks or racks. Chowders and fish stock recipes are also popular. Links to favorite recipes on websites is helpful.
  • You can download, link to, or use most of these materials from NAMA’s website at www.namanet.org or contact us at 207-284-5374 for more information. We will gladly edit any printed material to add your communities name or your CSF’s logo to personalize it for your use.