Community Supported Fisheries Guiding Principle

Socio-Economic Considerations:

  • Are the participating boats owner-operated?
  • Is there transparency and traceability? The seafood must be traced in a short, speedy path from who is catching the fish and how to the consumer’s plate.
  • How much of the profit goes directly back to the fishermen? The majority of the profits must go back to the boat that caught it, not a middleman.
  • Do the participating fishermen support fisheries that sustain local communities and ensure future generations have access to fishery resources?

Governance Considerations:

  • Are decisions made at the most local level with the inclusion of all relevant and affected fishermen and community members?
  • Are decisions made that represent a full diversity of views and interests, rather than controlled by a single view or interest?
  • Are the highest standards of credibility and ethical conduct, fair and accurate distribution of information, and full disclosure and accountability maintained?

Quality Considerations:

  • Are the seafood products of the highest quality and freshness?
  • Are consumers receiving local, seasonal seafood that is handled with great care by community fishermen?

Environmental Considerations:

  • Are the fish caught in the most sustainable way? The fish must be caught as sustainably as possible with constant improvements to scale and gear.
  • Are the seafood products made available with the least practicable amount of impact to the environment, habitat and local fish populations?