Create, Save, and Send Your Video Testimony

Video Testimony 101

With today's fast paced technological advances we are seeing new opportunities for the social justice and environmental justice movements. One of those opportunities is video-testimony. By using your own video camera, regular camera (that records video), computer, or cell phone, you can now share your voice to thousands and potentially millions of viewers - including the decision makers. Click here to see our video testimony page.

The recording device that you use will determine how you record, save, and send video files. To get started this website can show you the basics for how to upload video onto your computer. If you have a cell phone that records video click HERE. If you use a MAC computer with a built-in video camera you can use the program 'Photo Booth' to record and save video.  

Once you have downloaded a video to your computer you can click HERE to upload your video onto NAMA's website. If you experience any difficulties please e-mail Brett at