Engaging the Public

Engaging the Public

“By connecting the community to the fishermen we encourage an ethic of ecological stewardship that results in creative, community-based approaches to marine conservation.”

We need to change the current food, policy, and economic systems in order to bring about the changes we need to have a future that positively impacts our marine ecosystems and community based fishermen. In order to change these systems, we must engage all stakeholders who impact and are impacted by these systems.

The people who feed us, farmers and fishers alike, play an essential role in our society but we are far more disconnected from our food producers than ever before. Changing our food systems requires engaging the public to shift markets, cultivate community, and make more informed decisions. Changing our regulatory systems requires educating the public about policies of corporatization, consolidation and privatization and empowering and engaging citizens to make a difference.

Our main vehicle for connecting with the public are our Seafood Throwdowns, a dynamic and engaging educational cooking competition that has been growing in popularity since 2008.

“We believe changing how and where the seafood that ends up on dinner tables comes from is key to fisheries conservation. That’s why we believes it’s important to connect all communities - regardless of income, class, race, or geography - to small and medium scale community-based fishermen while ensuring a fair price for fishermen and fair working conditions along the seafood supply chain. We are working to build a movement of eaters advocating for policies that allow community based fishermen to sustain themselves and continue bringing their catch to market. We do this by shifting individual consumers’ habits as well as purchasing policies of institutions such as hospitals, universities, and schools.”