The 21st SBN Conference on Sustainable Business; Connecting Our Local Economy


Connecting Our Local Economy

“Building New Networks”

Connecting Our Local Economy

“Building New Networks”

You are invited to join local business leaders from throughout Greater Boston for SBN’s Annual Conference on Sustainable Business.

This year’s conference will focus on:

  • Transforming our local food economy
  • Greening local businesses and reducing our carbon footprint
  • Growing and sustaining local businesses and building local entrepreneurship

Keynote Speakers:

  • Woody Tasch, Chairman and President of Slow Money
  • Robert Glassman, Co-Founder and Co-Chairman of Wainwright Bank & Trust Co.

Join NAMA for a panel on “Growing a Strong Local and Regional Food System”

The SBN Local Food Committee was formed a little over a year ago, and in this short time has accomplished much. SBN has received $44,000 in grants from the Massachusetts Department of Agriculture Resources. There have been five sold out ALLocal Dinners with over 350  people and the committee is well along it’s way to planning the first Boston Local Food Festival on October 2, 2010. This workshop will share the exciting growth of the network of business leaders committed to growing a local food system and it will be an opportunity to brainstorm new ways of growing our local food system.

Moderator: Fan Watkinson, Local Food Committee Director


  • Elizabeth Kennedy, Chefs Collaborative
  • JD Kemp, Organic Renaissance
  • Niaz Dorry, NAMA