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Codman Square Market Seafood Throwdown!


SFT posterCome and join NAMA and the Codman Square community for a Saturday afternoon delight!  A friendly cooking competition between Chef Adam Wimes of The South End Buttery goes against our own Niaz Dorry the Coordinating Director and an amazing home cook, in a knife to knife race against time.  It goes like this:  A guest of honor arrives (the Mystery Fish); they are introduced, and then are given $25 and 15 minutes to shop at the farmers market for local produce.  Once back under their tent the timer starts. They have 1 hour to prepare, plate, and serve the community panel (known as “the judges”).  Then it’s your turn; time to taste. The surprise of how delicious this Mystery Fish is will spark you to take ACTION by letting your local markets know about this underloved, underutilized species, and that it is so plentiful to our local fishermen but there is no demand for this on the shelves. So be part of history and come join us in our work of creating that demand in our markets while helping your local fishermen keep his catch and feed the neighborhood.

See you there…

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