FSNE Feb 12

FSNE Winter Series Week 2: Racial Equity Leadership

Jennifer Events

As we grapple with pandemic disruptions and political polarization, reckon with emboldened white supremacy, and face ever-growing challenges from the climate crisis, the importance of standing firm in a commitment to racial equity and justice in our food system is growing.

How does racial equity connect to the work for resilient food systems?

What does it look like in our communities and institutions?

How can we advance multiracial movement for justice?

What does this mean for BIPOC and white agents of change?

What are some of the opportunities we can lean into now?

Join us to hear from special guests about how we can advance racial equity in these challenging times, what opportunities exist for networks to make gains across food, farming and fishing sectors, and how can we best direct our collective efforts to impact this important work to democratically guide our food system towards sustainability and resilience.

Keynote guests: Dr. Atyiah Martin (All Aces, Inc.) and Jen Faigel (Commonwealth Kitchen)

Panelists: Ian McSweeney (Agrarian Trust), Joy Gary (Greater Ashmont Main Street), Jason Jarvis (Commercial Fisherman and NAMA), Jiff Martin (UConn Extension)

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