Haley House Seafood Throwdown!


sftOn July 20th at 5pm come join us at the Haley House Haley HouseCafe for a friendly cooking competition between their chef, Chef Michael Cooley and Future Chef’s, Chef  Audley Mills (who is an alum of the Haley House program). You will see these chefs in their finest hour, preparing, amazing dishes for all to taste. While the chefs are tantalizing your senses you will get a play by play of all the action from Nina La Negra Cofounder of “Art is Life Itself“, giving you an interactive insightful experience.  This Seafood Throwdown will be judged by a panel of community members. The judges are:  Kathryn Saunders from Roxbury YMCA, Cheryl Straughter from Future Chefs/Keith’s Place, Alan Gentile from Roxbury Office of Financial Empowerment and Kathy Kottaridis of Historic Boston Inc.

Of course the main character in this event is the MYSTERY FISH, an underloved, underutilized species that roams our ocean, is plentiful  and so delicious that you will be asking for more …Once you have tasted this mouth watering species, you can help create a demand in your local market by telling them about your desire to make it available for your community.  This events mystery fish is donated by Red’s Best, located on the Boston Fish Pier, and to compliment the chefs dish they use freshreds best local produce from Higher Ground Rooftop Farm.higher ground

See you there!                                                        


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