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Let’s Talk About Food


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Join us for two conversations at this year’s Let’s Talk About Food Festival:

On the main stage we’ll be joining Chatham fisherman Doug Feeney, and Jared Auerbach of Boston’s seafood wholesaler Red’s Best to tell you about dogfish. Also knowns as Cape Shark, this is a local, sustainable, delicious fish and abundant in Massachusetts waters. Yet 99% of what we catch gets shipped overseas. We’ll talk about what it takes to get it onto your plate, and how our fishing industry will benefit. Also on stage will be Matt Celeste, chef of the Island Creek Oyster Bar in Burlington teaching a simple dogfish recipe to make at home.

At the Endless Table we’ll talk about fair prices, and the role an unjust price and monopolies play in forcing fishermen – and farmers – into a high volume/low value approach to their businesses decreasing their sustainability goals and increasing their impact on the ocean. We’ll talk about the current system that is causing this problem and what you can do to shift it.