Seafood Throwdown to Benefit Gulf Fishing Communities


Two Main Street restaurants will come together at the Seafood Throwdown on Thursday, September 9, 2010 to benefit deckhands, dockworkers, laborers, plant workers and others in the Gulf of Mexico fishing communities whose lives remain uncertain in the wake of the BP oil disaster.  Chef Jeremy Guyotte of Passports Restaurant and Chef Saskia Chase of Dog Bar Restaurant – both on Gloucester’s Main Street – will be showing off their cooking skills for a cause using a locally available seafood. Unlike other Seafood Throwdowns, tastings of the chefs creations will not be free. Instead, the public is encouraged to give a donation to try what these two award winning restaurants will have to offer. All proceeds will be donated to Horizon Relief.

A minimum donation of $3 per plate is requested, but there are no limits to what local food – especially local seafood – lovers can offer to taste the handiwork of these talented chefs. Anyone with proof that they gave to Horizon Relief prior to the event will jump to the head of the line.

NAMA and others are advocating for a halt to oil and gas exploration and drilling,
and a shift to cleaner energy that doesn’t shift our burden onto other communities, including the marine ecosystem.