Slow Food Terra Madre Conference




NAMA AT TERRA MADRE: NAMA will be sending organizer Brett Tolley along with Rhode Island fisherman Lou Frattarelli to Torino, Italy for the 4th Annual Terra Madre Slow Food Conference. As part of a New England team of delegates Brett and Lou will discuss sustainable fisheries and innovative solutions for keeping small-scale sustainable food production alive and well. And also that Who Fishes Matters! Together with NAMA, representatives from the Eat Local Food Coalition of Maine as well as the Penobscot East Resource Center will attend. The team will be sharing lessons from New England as well as gathering stories and inspiration from other small-scale food providers around the world.  

ABOUT TERRA MADRE: Terra Madre brings together those players in the food chain who together support sustainable agriculture, fishing, and breeding with the goal of preserving taste and biodiversity. Terra Madre is an international conference that gathers sustainable food producers, farmers, cooks, educators and activists from around the world to connect and share their stories and traditions. Delegates come from over 150 countries.

The Salone del Gusto – the world’s largest artisanal food marketplace – is held concurrently, in part for delegates to gain a deeper sense of how small-scale sustainable producers can market their products effectively.

CONFERENCE DETAILS: The program for the Terra Madre 2010 “Earth Workshops” is online and has a great interactive tool: online forums. You can access the schedule of Earth Workshops and links to the forums by clicking here.
This is your opportunity to help shape the content of the workshops at Terra Mare. You can post questions, answers, documents, or links to other sites. The more you get involved, the deeper the conversation will be able to go.
People will be participating in the forums in Italian, English, Spanish and French. A translation service is not available so please write as clearly and concisely as possible. Each forum has a moderator who handles it: they will coordinate discussion opening new topics and commenting.