SlowFest: Session Beer, Local Food


Join us at Boston’s First Session Beer Festival

Join us at Boston’s First Session Beer Festival

It’s time for session beer and slow food. It’s time for the flavorful, the interesting, the unique, without being overwhelmed by excess. It’s time to embrace the legacy, variety and future at SlowFest.

SlowFest is a two day festival celebrating session beers from over 30 breweries and food samplings from local New England producers. Brewers will share their insights on session beer, its place in history, and the re-emergence of beers on the lower end of the alcohol dial. Additionally, beer centric food offerings from local New England producers will show off session beer’s unique ability to be paired with food.

Saturday’s events will feature speakers – including NAMA’s director Niaz Dorry – to nourish your curiosity!

Session Beer is lower in alcohol, but not lower in taste. A balance of flavor allows for multiple beers over a longer period of time. With an alcohol content preferred at lower than 5% by volume, this drinkability also comes with the ability to maintain sobriety. Session beers are well known in the British pub, but can be found in just about every beer culture in the world.

All brewers will have at least one beer that is 5% in alcohol or lower, but are allowed to profile other beers up to 6.0%, allowing for a wide range of styles and ABV to get your head around the session beer experience.

Local food will be a very big part of SlowFest, and offerings will include offerings from regional farms, bakers and butcheries.

Visit SlowFest’s Ticket page for details on the sessions!