Webinar – The Northwest Fights GE Salmon: Indigenous Perspectives


Join our FREE WEBINAR where we’ll be discussing the risks of genetically engineered (GE) salmon in the Northwest region! The webinar features the launch of the new short film: “Salmon People – The Risks of Genetically Engineered Fish for the Pacific Northwest.”

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Salmon is a cultural and ecological keystone species in the Northwest, making the approval of GE salmon a distinct point of concern for communities in this region. Northwest tribes and tribal members have voiced strong concerns around the potential impacts of corporations producing and distributing GE salmon, and have initiated political opposition at state and national levels in response to the biotech firm, AquaBounty Inc.’s submission for approval to market GE salmon in the U.S.

1. Introduction by Heather Day
2. Screening of “Salmon People” (~4 min)
3. Presentations by panelists
4. Discussion and calls to action


HEATHER DAY co-founded Community Alliance for Global Justice with other organizers of the historic 1999 shutdown of the World Trade Organization in Seattle. She has been ED since 2007, and holds a Masters in Geography.

VALERIE SEGREST is a native nutrition educator who specializes in local and traditional foods. As an enrolled member of the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe, she serves her community as the coordinator of the Muckleshoot Food Sovereignty Project. 

FAWN SHARP is president of the Quinault Indian Nation, president of the Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians, and vice president of the National Congress of American Indians.

GEORGE KIMBRELL is the Legal Director for the Center for Food Safety. His legal, legislative, and policy work runs the gamut of many CFS program areas, including pesticides, genetically engineered organisms, food labeling, organic standards, and aquaculture. 

DR. PETE KNUTSON teaches environmental anthropology at Seattle Central College, is a Commissioner on the Puget Sound Salmon Commission, has been a North Pacific commercial fisherman for 47 years and owns Loki Fish Company.

The webinar is co-hosted by Community Alliance for Global Justice andCenter for Food Safety, and co-sponsored by Friends of the Earth U.S.and Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance.