Where Innovation, Technology, and Values Meet



Supporting Local Catch and Slow Fish seafood supply chain values, in the face of increasing fraud and co-optation, is not a simple task. In previous webinars we’ve discussed a ‘community accountability’ concept as one under-explored solution area to combat fraud and its root causes. Technology and innovation have the potential to combat fraud and support ‘community accountability’. However, some new technologies are controversial, such as onboard monitoring which, untethered to any suite of values, may unintentionally benefit those with the largest ecological footprint and displace those with the smallest. Other supply chain technologies, such as QR codes and real-time vessel tracking, are quickly growing while opportunities and challenges are still coming to light.

This webinar will dive into questions of whether and how existing and emerging technologies can reinforce values such as traceable and simple supply chains, community-based fisheries, fair price and access, honoring the ocean, and eating with the ecosystem.

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