Boston Local Food Festival Seafood Throwdown

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Rose Kennedy Greenway, Boston, MA-Boston Local Food Festival Seafood Throwdown

It's a Seafood Throwdown like you’ve never experienced before! Come and get a close up of your local chefs in action. Executive Chef Kevin Conner of Community Servings in Jamaica Plains will go head to head with Chef Amanda Parks Co-Founder and Fisherman of the NE Fishmongers, both creating dishes that will tantalize your senses.  

In this friendly cooking competition there will be a panel of judges from the community looking at the following criteria for scoring the Chefs dishes; Taste (10 pts), Use of the whole animal (10 pts),Presentation (5 pts), and Originality (5 pts). The Lucky Judges come from different businesses; Bing Broderick of Haley House Cafe', Jean Kerr of The Cook's Cook, Raheem Baraka of Baraka Community Wellness, Inc, and Deb Taylor Sims, East End NRZ Pop Up Market & Cafe.

As you approach the Seafood Throwdown you will hear  Spencer Montgomery our Emcee for this event giving you a play by play of all the action, he may have a little trivia up his sleeve too! Spencer  has a relationship with the Guest of Honor; the MYSTERY FISH.  He caught the Seafood himself and is happily providing it to the chefs. He works as a part-time fisherman on the F/V Finlander out of Eliot, Maine. And runs a commercial vessel that solely employs rod and reel for harvest.

So come on down and see, hear, smell, taste and even touch the Mystery Seafood that will be on display throughout the event in a large ice case!



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