Disparity to Parity: Balancing the Scales Webinar

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 Disparity to Parity

Earth care requires wise agricultural and food policies that mandate fair pricing and update supply management to build a racially just, economically empowered, and climate resilient food system. In short: moving from Disparity to Parity.

Please join the National Family Farm Coalition, Federation of Southern Cooperatives, American University Center for Environment, Community, and Equity, and our partners in a roundtable conversation to dig deeper into the history of disparities in our food system and policy ideas that can move us toward achieving parity. This will be the first in a year-long series.

Featured Speakers: 

Cornelius Blanding -  Federation of Southern Cooperatives

Liz Henderson - Northeast Organic Farmers Association

Jose Oliva - HEAL Food Alliance

George Naylor - Iowa farmer 

Sarah Lloyd - Wisconsin dairy farmer

Ben Burkett - Mississippi Association of Cooperatives & Federation of Southern Cooperatives  

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