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NESAWG Sankofa Webinar Series

Join the next webinar in the Northeast Sustainable Agriclture Working Groups (NESAWG)'s Sankofa Webinar Series: Seafood Sovereignty with Niaz Dorry and Frank Sulustri. Meaning "go back and fetch it," Sankofa reminds us of the importance of reaching back to knowledge gained in the past and bringing it to the present in order to ensure a strong future. Registration is available here!


Slow Fish 2021

A gathering of fisherfolk, fishmongers, chefs, advocates and seafood lovers!

The Slow Fish 2021 Virtual Gathering is an online collective of folks in and around the seafood supply chain—fish harvesters, experts, and enthusiasts—from across North America and around the world working to create more direct and equitable seafood systems. We are hosting seven days of interactive programming including Deep Dive discussions on critical issues, World Café roundtables, Marketplace of Ideas, music, poetry and more ways to connect, collaborate, and celebrate Slow Fish!

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 FSNE Feb 12

As we grapple with pandemic disruptions and political polarization, reckon with emboldened white supremacy, and face ever-growing challenges from the climate crisis, the importance of standing firm in a commitment to racial equity and justice in our food system is growing.

How does racial equity connect to the work for resilient food systems?

What does it look like in our communities and institutions?

How can we advance multi-racial movement for justice?

What does this mean for BIPOC and white agents of change?

What are some of the opportunities we can lean into now?

Join us to hear from special guests about how we can advance racial equity in these challenging times, what opportunities exist for networks to make gains across food, farming and fishing sectors, and how can we best direct our collective efforts to impact this important work to democratically guide our food system towards sustainability and resilience.

Keynote guests: Dr. Atyiah Martin (All Aces, Inc.) and Jen Faigel (Commonwealth Kitchen)

Panelists: Ian McSweeney (Agrarian Trust), Joy Gary (Greater Ashmont Main Street), Jason Jarvis (Commercial Fisherman and NAMA), Jiff Martin (UConn Extension)

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FSNE Panelists

As we grapple with pandemic disruptions; reckon with white supremacy, the legacy of colonialism, slavery and systemic racism; and face ever-growing challenges from the climate crisis, the importance of networks and movement building in our food system is growing.

What is the power of the networked approach at this time? 

What are the opportunities for building network momentum and network weaving? 

What are the risks of not being networked? 

How does a network turn into a movement?

Join us to hear from special guests about why food system networks matter in these challenging times, what opportunities exist for networks to make gains across food, farming and fishing sectors, and how we can best guide our collective efforts to impact this important work for food system justice, sustainability and resilience. 

Keynote by Noel Didla & Friends from the Mississippi Food Justice Collaborative. Panelists include:

Find more information about the full FSNE Series Here

Online: Oxford Real Farming Conference

Oxford Real Farming Conference

Along with Irmak Ertör, Thibault Josse, and Joshua Stoll, NAMA's Brett Tolley take part in a panel discussion on Community Supported Fisheries and the similarity of the situation and struggles with Peasant Agriculture as part of the Oxford Real Farming Conference. 

This session will illustrate the problems faced by small-scale fisheries and the various solutions provided by direct sales of fish in various forms. It will also explore how CSF and CSA can work together as well as other forms of short supply chains like the Open Food Network, in ensuring that consumers can support small-scale fisheries and access healthy fresh fish.

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FSNEAn online round table discussion hosted by Food Solutions New England. Make sure you’re on our mailing list for invitations to more events coming up in the series over the fall, winter and spring.

Everywhere in the US



Make sure you get out and VOTE November 3rd! Find your polling place here! 



WFFP Youth Assembly: October 27 @ 11am ET

The WFFP Youth Assembly will happen Tuesday October 27, 2020 at 4:00 pm CET (11 am ET). NAMA's Elliott Snow will join Youth Fisher Peoples from around the world to discuss: 

  • what it's like to be a youth in fisheries and fisheries organizations
  • the challenges faced by youth within their organizations
  • the importance of having a space for young people in movements such as WFFP 

Check out the WFFP Youth Assembly Facebook Event for updated details. 


Join Doug Feeney, Seth Rolbein, Jamie Basset, and NAMA's own Brett Tolley on the Cape Cod Net Zero 2020 Conference for a panel discussion: "Local Seafood: Green Jobs on the blue Ocean." From national to local, learn some key issues facing the fishing community and how local leaders are adapting amidst climate change and COVID 19 challenges with entrepreneurial opportunities. Find more details here


Can't Cage the Ocean: A Virtual Rally Against Corporate and Colonial Expansion

The oceans surrounding Turtle Island are under attack by corporations seeking to further exploit & privatize water!

Join us for a digital rally **with live music** to take action to stop these & other attacks on indigenous sovereignty -- locally and globally, from Turtle Island to Palestine!

We will

- Learn about the corporation Aquabounty’s plans to release GMO salmon & what this means for indigenous communities

- Take action to stop the AQUAA Act from paving the way for factory fish farms & corporate consolidation in federal waters

-Discuss the intersections of colonization, corporate control, and water here and abroad

Check out the recording here!