Fleet Vision Pledge

...for a diverse New England fishing fleet

...for an economically viable New England fishing fleet

...for an environmentally sustainable New England fishing fleet

...for a fishing fleet that is managed through a participatory governance structure.


Please drop us a note below to show your support for the vision.

The Fleet Vision was born out of a 2-year-long community visioning process. Over 200 diverse stakeholders joined together to offer a path forward for the long-term future of New England fisheries and coastal communities. Read more

We asked 1,000 of you to sign on to support the call for a fleet vision and you came through! Recently, we submitted a petition with nearly 1,400 signatures to the New England Fisheries Management Council. Read more about how the vision is now helping trasform fisheries policy.

We are calling on you again to help spread the word and encourage your networks to take action and pledge support to set fisheries management on course. Time for a revolOcean!






If you are a FISHERMAN

  • Sign the Pledge to show your support 
  • Join the Fish Locally Collaborative (FLC)
  • Work with the FLC to transform both fisheries policies and markets for seafood.


If you are a FISH CONSUMER

  • Sign the Pledge to show your support
  • Join a Community Supported Fishery (CSF) near you.
  • If there are no CSFs near you, help start up a CSF and support your local fishermen.
  • Get to know your local fishermen and buy local‐sustainably caught seafood.


If you are a POLICY MAKER

  • Adopt the outcomes of the Fleet Vision Project
  • Use the Fleet Vision Project outcomes as a base point for all future decision making


To sign this pledge, email Brett Tolley at brett@namanet.org or sign by commenting below.