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To address this fisheries crisis, we need Congress to implement safeguards that prioritize fishery access for community-based fishermen instead of billion-dollar private equity firms.

The recent ProPublica investigative report, revealing how a billionaire Dutch family currently operates as the largest New England fish-quota owner, confirms what fishermen have been warning lawmakers for decades: that replacing independent fishermen with outside investment firms will undermine economic, social, and environmental goals. However, these warnings extend well beyond New England.​​​​​​

Press statement on NOAA's notice of intent to prepare Environmental Impact Statement on Pacific Ocean Aqua Farms off the coast of San Diego.

Today, the ​National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) ​will move to designate federal waters off Southern California and in the Gulf of Mexico as “Aquaculture Opportunity Areas” (AOA). Areas designated as AOAs have been pre-approved for expansion of industrial aquaculture facilities, as dictated in President Trump’s May 2020 ​Executive Order​ on Promoting American Seafood Competitiveness and Economic Growth.

Dear Commissioners:

Thank you for the opportunity to comment on the Draft Navigational Risk Assessment for the proposed Ventura Shellfish Project. The undersigned groups have extensive knowledge of marine resources off the California coast and experience navigating the various laws and policies associated with coastal and marine development. Together, we would like to offer caution with consideration of an offshore aquaculture operation in federal waters and voice our concern that the Commission would submit materials to the Army Corps of Engineers when the Port does not have the authority to pursue this project in federal waters without the approval from the Ventura Local Agency Formation Commission (“LAFCo”). We recommend that you do not approve sending the Draft Navigational Risk Assessment for the proposed Ventura Shellfish Project at this time.

May 14, 2020:​ A report released by Real Food Generation, a national organization mobilizing young people around food justice, reveals how major cafeteria contractors like Aramark monopolize the cafeteria industry, hurting the communities they claim to serve. The report, entitled ​“​Be-Trayed: How Kickbacks in the Cafeteria Industry Harm Our Communities -- And What To Do About It,​”​ shines a light on long-hidden business practices that have rendered the food system rigid and unable to respond to crises like the one brought about by COVID-19.