What we do

We are a fisherman-led organization working at the intersection of marine conservation and social, environmental, economic, and food justice. We focus on shifting seafood markets and policies while building community. The recent elections in the US have created an atmosphere of uncertainty. Even before the results, we were concerned the two candidates' platforms represented the two polarized views we often hear about in fisheries: total privatization vs. total anarchy. We believe there are other options to explore, and within that range lays the movement we have been cultivating.

That’s why our work is more important than ever. We will tap into our founding values to nurture a network - in person and in the virtual world - where we can bridge whatever gaps may be present and develop strategies for unity, love, care, and humanity as we build a movement toward equitable and ecologically responsible fisheries.

Our Commitment

At NAMA, we are committed to serving our mission regardless of who is in office. But we have to acknowledge that today there are those amongst us living and working in fishing communities who feel they are under siege because of the color of their skin, their religion, ethnicity, clothing, language, nationality, gender, culture, sexual orientation, and more.

We will work to tap into our humanity to offer safe haven to anyone feeling anxious about the state of the world and effectively create a safe space for diverse voices to be heard and a common approach developed that helps us achieve our collective mission by simply tapping into the strength of our individual characters and values.

We will do this by