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  • Farm Aid History! 

    Fishermen on the Farm Aid stage - finally! I’ve been dreaming of this moment for 28 years and it happened and I wasn’t even there to witness it in person. But that’s okay because it’s not about me it’s about this movement.

    This past weekend marked 28 years since I moved to Gloucester, MA and started working on fisheries and ocean issues first as a Greenpeace ocean campaigner. Right out of the gate I could tell that this wasn’t a black and white issue - it wasn’t about fishing or not fishing. It was about who gets to fish and all the social, ecological, economic, cultural, and food access implications that come with that decision.

    Fast forward to 2022… Captain Charlie Abner joins Farm Aid board members Willie Nelson, John Melloncamp, Margo Price and more on the Farm Aid stage. A video of Captain Charlie and Captain Mark Marhefka talking about the impact of climate change on the ocean is played. Farm advocates were treated to a fellowship supper featuring seafood procured by our friend Sharon Peele Kennedy from the Outer Banks fishing

  • Meet our new Media Coordinator, Feini Yin! 

    "Hi friends, my name is Feini Yin (they/them), and I recently joined the NAMA team as the new media coordinator. I’m writing to say hi and share a bit about myself! I live in Philly, which is ancestral Lenni Lenape territory. My path has been winding, and I’ve worked in journalism, marine ecology, and community organizing. I’m excited to integrate these varied experiences to support NAMA’s network and mission. "


    Plus, check out our media statement calling for catch share reform, and find out ways you can offer support to network members! 

  • Settle in with a cup of coffee (or something stronger) and check out the groundbreaking exposéHow Foreign Private Equity Hooked New England’s Fishing Industry. This report is not only validating to the fishing men and women who for decades warned decision makers of this inevitable result of privatization policies such as Catch Shares. But it is also providing a swell of momentum behind our national advocacy toward Catch Share reform and stopping the corporate takeover of the ocean.